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Ijat, the I'm just one Hell of a Sanglyst Vargul

Meaning: Honor
Mindspeech:  Bold #330000

Everyone knows Varguls to be deal making demons, and this one is no different. Yet this Sanglyst has eyes for only one, and this earns him some criticism from his brethren. Stoic and quiet, offering timely insight that's never pretentious, slightly manipulative in order to meet what is asked of him, he could be likened to an ultimate butler or servant. His Bonded will have some slight problems getting the same responses out of him, as it first has to clear with the marked Kralis, Ca'tra, who the Vargul has his sights on. He will take on any task asked of him through this Kralis, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, for how could he call himself a Sanglyst if he could not do such paltry jobs to the best of his ability? It also should be known to keep him away from Ooglah and Panthera; the Ooglah because they'll probably go missing and the Panthera because he can's keep his paws off of them. It must be their adorable heart shaped noses and delicate little paws that are so alluring.

His coat is on the shorter side and kept looking nice - one must always keep up appearances. It is of deep red, the color of wet clay from the earth. His eyes, which always hold a twinkle of playfulness to them, are a tad bit lighter in coloration. With a smile usually on his lips unless Ca'tra is in trouble and need of assistance, this Sanglyst goes through life as the perfect example of hidden potential. Heaven help you if you wrong the Kralis. Or, now, his most fortunate Bonded. Heaven help you indeed...

KaseDi, The Reflections of a False Firefly Valdrim Vargul

MeaningHappy Child
Mindspeech: Bold Italic #372143

A haunting mistress of the dark and daytime fancy, this dreaded Queen is both striking and startling in appearance. Bathed predominantly in a glossy obsidian, her extremities fade to a lesser slate hue, coating her legs, tail, and snout in a color reminiscent of the deepest storm clouds. Each of her feathers are tipped in this selfsame color, accentuating a wingspan both fearsome and frosty in appearance. Topaz eyes flash from a façade bewitching in it’s beauty, a half-lidded gaze that promises both horror and heated encounters. Perhaps most striking, however, are the thin veins of bleeding strawberry color that etch royal swirls in strategic places upon her frame. Decorating the greater and lesser coverts of her wings, the disarming pattern also appears beneath her eyes in a parody of grim eyeliner. Twirling gently on the tip of her tail, and climbing sweetly up the instep of her right foreleg, the effect is definitely one that makes this Queen immediately memorable. Delicate and almost dainty when compared to the more bulky Lords, this lady is nonetheless quite large compared to most of the lesser ranks, and her perfectly functional wings only serve to increase her apparent size.

In personality, she is far from what one might expect of the mistress of her species. Bright and remarkably chipper, she often comes across as both naive and childish, and forever makes an effort to be kind and understanding no matter the situation. She is optimistic and surprisingly heartening, and loves to make others smile. This all changes, however, when her or her bonded are put under any kind of duress. When circumstances conspire against her, and sometimes even just when the mood strikes, she will become the devilish temptress of sadistic tendencies that might be considered a personality more suitable to her rank and species. During these brief flashes of control, she is ruthless, efficient, and utterly pitiless, quite chilling in her indiscriminate regard. Whether her usual sparkling façade is all an act, however, is unknown - perhaps she is sincere, and simply suffers from some obscure form of multi-personality disorder, or else maybe she simply hides her true self beneath layers of glittery smokescreen. Whatever the case, the fellows of her species are quick and eager to accommodate her every whim, and she commands some ill-conceived respect from each and every one of them.

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