Isnit Creatures

Brikase, The Flower Of Youth Ore Unicorn

Meaning: Happy
Mindspeech: Bold Italic #669900

This ore has the soul of an inquisitive child. The colt believes the world around him to be incredible and will always ask his bonded how everything has become so amazing. He is a curious creature and spends his days looking for new and exciting things to amuse him. He could pass days in the wilds creating his own adventures. He is a creative thing, often making up his own games and will try to engage in play even with a Wyvern if it seemed reluctant to eat him. He is the beacon of positivity and he can find a bright side to any hopeless situation and something admirable about any annoying person. If anyone disagrees with his overwhelming optimism, he will argue for hours on end to justify his view. Protect his innocence well, for his entire appeal is the fact that he is not jaded.

Possibly his favorite past time is playing hide and go seek in the forests. Why? He blends in very well in that environment. The color of his small wiry body is the color of muddy soil and bark. His mane and tale are a light sea green and are very similar to the leaves of a drooping willow. Often when playing he will tangle colorful blossoms to heighten the illusion that he is apart of some tree or bush. His eyes are rather large, heightening his innocent looks and are a deep emerald. The ore's horn and his hooves are made out of a rich copper. Yep, this colt tends to disappear and his bonded might have to leave the forest empty handed.

Tenera, the Soothing Whisper Within the Dire Tempest Ivory Unicorn

Meaning: Latin; tender
Mindspeech: Italic #94C8F5

There have been a great deal many to challenge the title of fairest soul within the Weyrd, but an argument can scant be had concerning this Ivory's claim to the title.  Of course, if approached with such a metaphorical trophy she would turn it down vehemently and with passion. She carries herself with an air of regalia that at first glance could be seen as her being pretentious because of her Weyrd imposed importance and the power of her species.  However, at a further inspection past the stern atmosphere she bears, this Ivory is merely strong where others are not.  If she were a Queen or Empress of time's old dynasties, she would be one that was looked back upon with fond memories, her rule being one of benevolence, an uplifted age with patience and a soft guiding hand.  Surely, kindness is not a soft spoken whisper in the back of one's mind, but rather is a loud, clear spoken individual who guards against the weak and seeks to curb the wicked.  Smiting is reserved for more darker hearts than she.

Her body is indeed lean and quite the picturesque vision of femininity.   Slight though her legs may be, her chest is large and allows her stamina where other more fleet-footed of her kind lack.  Her coat is that of a dappled grey, with the darker coloration and spots more apparent along her shoulders and haunches.  Her mane and tail hair is dark, lightening out toward their tips.  Her horn is the typical for that of her rank, made of out peerless bone that curves back to a sharp hook at her tip as she ages.  Her height is medium for that of her rank and she is not particularly striking with muscles to show off her bodily strength.

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