Isnit Creatures


These are only personality descriptions, and they are in no way complete. Taken from the Brandon Sanderson series Mistborn, I’m not sure what these creatures will be.  I’m pretty sure every single character in Sanderson’s book, however, would translate well into Tzingani.  So that’s what I’m holding out for.  Next bonding applications, you know, banking on that there will be Tzingani offered for someone to hold and if I’ll even get it in the first place AND if any of these potential rank and numbers will be asked of me.  Oh well.  Here you are, those who care.  And no, I would rather you wouldn’t use them yourself. Or message me on Isnit or somewhere if you are simply in love with one of the creatures and must have it.  I'd be flattered.  Honest.


They come equipped with the original character’s name for sanity’s sake.  Everything is able to be changed around as well; these are only the rough drafts skeletons of their personalities after all.

Vin; (Queen?) the Danger Lurking in the Mists

espite her rank, power, and influence, this girl doesn’t quite grasp her full potential yet, though this may come with time.  She knows she must carry herself with dignity, but knowing this doesn’t make her want to have all eyes on her, always watching her every move and decision.  In fact, she’d rather drop all expectations put upon her and go about underestimated by people, especially any enemies she may happen across in her lifetime.  Deep down, this girl is a fighter, able to hold her own against far larger and scarier looking creatures, or at least able to avoid getting seriously hurt.  If she does, however, she’ll be the last one complaining about her pain, choosing to keep it to herself so not to cast worry over those she cares about.  For she is a caring and giving soul, good natured and willing to sacrifice much in the name of the common good.  Despite this, she does not deeply trust face value, choosing only to put 100% trust in her Bonded.


Kelsier; (Lord?) the Self-Made Prodigal Son

If there was someone else out there that worked as hard as this __________ did, the world just might become a war zone between the two of them if ever their interests (also read: egos) clashed.  When he gets his sights on something he desires, then he’s using all means and accesses to get it, especially if it’s owned by someone of power and affluence.  Life is a game to him, or at least to others it might seem to be.  To his Bonded, perhaps, they might be able to figure a method to his seemingly mad chaos choices.  Light hearted and good natured, he hates seeing the weak being trampled underfoot by those who go through life with an iron fist.  A thief tried and true, he relies not only on himself, but also trusts the skills of whatever motley crew he’ll find himself thrown in with.

Lord Ruler; the It’s For Your Own Good

Good luck trying to decipher this _______ intentions before it’s too late and you’ve made a fool of yourself.  Not to say that his intentions were to actually make you look like a fool, it’s just that he goes about things the wrong way and you end up doing it to yourself.  It’s just that he looks so suspicious, slinking around or prancing about with his chin held just a little too high.  Normally what he means is to have a happy and safe ending, but it comes to question if his methods justify the end result, and his answer will undoubtably be ‘of course’.  He’s a bit too clever for his own good, but it’d be the foolish person who would point that out to him.


Books are just the stepping stones to achieving what one desires in life.  In their simplest of forms, books and stories are meant to inform the reader about various topics, from social injustices to learning the value of sharing.  An idealist by nature, he reads rather than do, holding everything to theory.  He’d also much rather read than take part in frivolous social activities such as dancing or playing games.  Even if there are seemingly no books to be found, he will procure one that he kept for such bookless occasions.  Through his readings he hopes to gain knowledge to help others, striving to become someone whose opinions are both heard and desired.

Sazed; the High Hopes Get You Only So Far

People and their beliefs are so interesting.  One very well could spend a lifetime studying them, trying to figure out what propels so many to act the way that they do.  A cynic if there ever was one, this ______ will manipulate people so they get into situations that will make them second guess their original intentions and motives.  Unless, of course, they can play the ______’s own game against him.  They’ll be disappointed if they were expecting something soul crushing from him, however, as behind his mask of cynicism is truly nothing to hide or of any worth.  To his Bonded he’ll pose interperspective questions with the sole purpose to make them think, if it is only the word ‘why’.  Through all this, his intentions are rarely to tear down a person and strip them of what makes them ‘them’.  Oh, no.  Their belief systems are what make them all unique, and in that, uniformed as a society.  It’s just a curious thing to try to figure out, is all.


She may not be a Lord or Queen, but she certainly knows what qualities make up one belonging and deserving of such rank.  An avid reader of books that hold information on the past or with stories about strong leaders as characters, she usually has some advice to give for any occasion from these sources.  Now, whether one asks for any such advice or not, she’s giving it.  So you better shush up and suck up.  She knows what’s best for you, what makes you a better person if only in the eyes of others.


A silent and timid creature, he possesses a remarkable eye sight few are gifted to naturally.  In a group it is his eyes that are valued and appreciated for their worth, though this talent does has its drawbacks.  Existing in bright environments becomes a hassle and a chore, always having to squint due to his hyper sensitive eyes.  This is amended, however, by either keeping to the night or having a bandage wrapped around his head.  Still, he’d like to be considered special and worthy through something other than his eyes, since he’s rather unassuming in all other aspects of his life.  So, he invented a difficult way of speaking which involves switching the noun and the verb of a sentence so one that normally was spoken ‘here she comes now saying Mony Mony’, might be said as ‘here she comes now Mony Mony saying’.  This has nothing to do with his intelligence, and more of a personal choice to speak strangely.  Like Lords and Queens he just wants to be faster, stronger, better looking, and smarter, or at least to be recognized and stand out in a crowd.  Rather insecure, he’s hard pressed to believe compliments and will need encouragement from his Bonded to really bloom out.


He has always been overshadowed by his younger, prodigy of a brother, no matter what anyone else may say.  Even he denies it to himself because even though they may have their severe differences, family is family.  With that I mind, this _________ would do a lot for his family and Bonded.  Though he may disagree with it or wish to use different methods than the ones offered, he’ll still get the job done as it’s required of him.  With a strong will that prefers to keep personal options open, he believes strongly in freedom and free will for all, and will deeply resent any that take this away from him.  A counterpart to his more fun-loving brother, he is rarely seen smiling or enjoying himself, normally quiet and serious until the situation calls for him to be something else.


No one is quite sure whether he’s the zany uncle you are fortunate enough to only have to see during Christmas, or if something is very wrong inside his brain.  He’s apt to say things that don’t actually pertain to the conversation, or turn right around and begin holding a discussion seemingly with himself, answering some unheard voice.  All right, so something is most likely wrong in his mind.  He still tries to interact normally, though he never lets on what’s really going on in that head of his.  On the other hand, he loves games with high risks involved and higher payout while, whether you want it or not, he’s brutally honest to the point of being downright mean.  You won’t get any sugar coated compliments from this _____ unless you’ve earned them.  You probably don’t want his help with merchandising either.  Now, anyone up for a game of Russian Roulette?

TenSoon; the Anything For You

She’s always willing to lend a paw, sacrificing sweat and time to those she cares about.  You want someone sitting on your shoulder, giving you advice and feedback at the drop of a pin?  She’s there.  How about going out to fetch the morning Isnitian paper?  You bet she’s on that before you’ve even thought to ask.  Need someone to spill your worries to without the fear that they’ll be used against you?  This here is your gal.  Of course, she expects that you’ll be treating her with respect and won’t abuse her willingness to help.  She won’t answer to anyone expect her Bonded, and a little manners go a long way.  You’ve got a loyal friend in her always, through thick and thin.

Oreseur; the Lovely Grump

Yeah, she’s a grump all right.  Whatever her problem is with someone, it can be a safe bet that they won’t know what hit them, quite literally in some extreme instances.  Vain, she knows she’s beautiful and precious.  Trinkets can only add to this, she believes, and she could not possibly wear all of the ones she hopes to acquire.  Her Bonded then had better lay away some space for her assortment of ribbons and glittery knick-knacks.  Most other actions are beneath her.  Do not expect to find this girl shrouded in smoke in some back room playing card games unless bound there through force.

Some Princess Girl;

She’s the one with the ace up her metaphorical sleeves.  Sure she may act like a dizzy D.I.D. (damsel in distress), but she’s a sly girl this one.  Though certainly no Queen, this girl hides any talents she possesses, often surprising you in the direst of times.  Then, if you were to question her on her heroic actions, she’ll chalk it up to being caught up in the heat of the moment and that it will never happen again.  Probably.  To keep up this facade, she requests for the finer things in life and prefers to looks her best for the public.  Though, honestly, she tromps through mud and engages in matches of strength when she thinks no one is watching.

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