Isnit Creatures

Iviin, the Speeding Bullet Kralis Tzingane

Meaning: Speed; Velocity

Voice: #333333

As the name implies, this Kralis won his rank through speed. Not just speed however, but the ability to maneuver masterfully while operating under high speeds. He enjoys high places, his surefootedness making sure he doesn’t fall from said high places. Contrary to what some might guess then, this Tzingani is not one to be particularly active, or at least when it comes to others. He is stoic when confronted with crowds, a major introvert if there ever was one. He offers commentary up from the sidelines when he thinks his opinion might be needed, being that he is one of experience and a Lord to boot, and he believes his opinions are deserved.

This Tzingani uses his skills to the best of his ability in order to procure items of great value and sell them to those clients wishing to make a purchase. He takes orders when open, though the items must be small enough for his tiny body to carry, one flaw he is irritated to point out. Like his Bonded he deals in under the table trading and what some might consider to be Black Market deals if there ever was such a thing on Planet. Otherwise he believes he is in debt to his Bonded, and unlike some Tzingani, offers a percentage of what he makes from sales to her in order for the ever growing group to function. She is just as respectable in skill as he is.

His fur is the softest gray with darker gray markings on his face and running along his back. His front right paw is black, as if it had been dipped in ink, as is the very tip of his ears and tail. What is most confusing about Iviin is his puny size.  He is perhaps one of the smallest Tzingani you may ever find, a runt in his litter. This size is often the reason why some might believe him not to be a Kralis, but a Chavo. Until he starts running that is. In his ear is a curved talon, acting as an earring though it is large and sometimes bends the ear over. This was a gift from Sal to him, one of the reasons he is indebted to the girl.

Ca'tra, the Revenge is Bittersweet Kralis Tzingane

Meaning: Night sky
Mindspeech: #000000

Everyone knows Tzingani to be strong in family values, and this one is no different.  Yet this miserable Kralis has lost his family, and take heed not to bring up such a sore subject around him either.  None save one knows how a family of ten was lost, and Ijat isn't talking either.  It could be a very safe bet, however, that someone is to blame and the Kralis is tirelessly searching for the killers.  Despite his young age he's seen hardship, and it has made him cruel hearted.  Granted, he's no sadist, but he is cold to the world and does not join in on games or joyous occasions.  He does what he deems as necessary, and will follow his Bonded's word like a servant would a Queen; without question and diverting Ijat to take care of it.

He is young and thus small, still growing.  His right eye has been marred through past trauma, and he covers this deformity with an eye patch.  No, silly, he's not a pirate.  He is a lord and bear to keep that in mind as he cannot tolerate shame to his name or house - this includes Sal.  His left eye is the clearest of dark blues, alight with ideas on how to deal with problems and his revenge.  His Bonded might have problems with petting him, he's just so well kept for and groomed, so fluffy and soft!  His fur is just nearing black, unmarred by any markings or other coloration.  The other trinket he has he keeps about his neck; a sapphire stone ring strung about his neck on a silver chain.  And if one were to shave the fur from his left front leg, they would find the signature thin black marring of a Vargul deal....

What is the price, and why does Ijat never leave the Tzingane's side?

Haileer, The Expect the Unexpected Chavo Tzingane

MeaningObserve, Watch Over

As opposite from his siblings as can be, he gets neither delight in causing trouble nor being an utter idiot. Rather, he is very quick to voice his opinion, be harsh in his reactions, and berate for not acting appropriately. In a sense, he is a spoil-sport. With his constantly seeing the negative in anything, it’s a pretty good bet to say he’s a pessimist as well. Well, at least one of the kits had to grow up responsible! This little Chavo’s grumpiness doesn’t really have much to say for itself, though… At least he’s very observant. From the moment he could walk and talk, he was being hired by the various stalls to watch for thieves and pickpockets.

This little watchdog’s fur is pitch black, with no markings--which is pretty uncommon in itself. Even his eyes are a dark shade of blue, contrasting with the brightness of his mother’s gift. Upon his head is a bright purple knit beanie, with pink and peach stripes and a set of eyes on the front to make it look like the Cheshire cat. Naturally, such vivacious tastes displease him. That is to say he hates the hat. Out of the respect that he dredges up from the depths of his soul, however, he wears it. It does keep his ears warm, he has to admit… At least for all his grumpiness and grumbles he’s a pretty honest and fair Chavo, albeit a bit paranoid and sharp.

Vire, The Poisonous Princess Chavi Tzingane

Meaning:  The Virevol is a giant, poisonous rat creature from the slave planet of Despayre
MindspeechItalic #F60B88

With a vibrantly red-and-magenta pelt this Chavi is definitely eye-catching. Leopard spots dappling her fur in various violets, purples and pinks only add to the effect, and while there might not be a whole lot of soft fluff, her short and velvety fur really accentuates her wiry, tall frame. And she is indeed tall, able to look over the heads of even many a Kralis. The leopard spots only spare her face, the only markings there being two blush-like, stormy blue-green-grey spots under eyes of the same color. Speaking of eyes, hers are large and almond shaped, and innocent-looking, making you want to pick her up and cuddle her... which is the one thing you must absolutely, never, ever, do. As pretty as she looks, this fox comes with a huge 'DO NOT TOUCH'. From the day she was born, always has she been exposed to poisonous herbs and plants, slowly making her not only completely resistant, but quite deadly, herself. If you are in good health, briefly touching her fur will only sting a bit, though it's still never recommended to touch her with unprotected skin. If you know your ways around flowers, the wreath of oleander she wears around her neck should at least be a warning to stay away. Or the fluffy white snakeroot flowers dangling from her ears. Or the bracelet crafted from hemlock.

Still, dangerous as her body might be, this has become her greatest asset. Over time, a tremendous knowledge of deadly plants - and their medicinal purposes - was collected, and there is hardly an ailment she wouldn't know how to cure. She always has many herbs and plants and self-made medicine stashed neatly away for further use. Everything is labelled and orderly, and there is not a chance she would allow anything to become out of order. Or even allow anyone other than her most trusted partners near her storage. Often she will seem dry and humorless, with an ever soft and quiet voice, only getting loud and frantic if somebody tries to touch her. The rest of the time, though, she is very much the cynic and quite bitter. She longs for contact, to be physically close to someone, but that being impossible made her turn away from emotional proximity as well, even though it would do her a world of good. And there's no confirming it, as she never talks about it, but there just might have been some incidents in the past, if you know what I mean.

Dalabar, the In The Summertime Kralis Tzingane

MeaningHot Body
MindspeechItalic #E34234

You know what's wonderful about the summertime?  The ability to race who eats their ice cream cones first before the frozen dairy product has the chance to melt.  You know what else is awesome about the summer?  Those lazy days spent without a care in the world while an equally lazy river winds itself through a valley before you.  What's even greater about the summer?  The fact that females seem to dress less because of the warmer weather.

 This Kralis embodies everything about those wonderful moments and more.  His pelt is a dark auburn color, with patches of faded tan upon the back of his head, trailing down his neck to his shoulder and ultimately patterning upon his haunches.  His eyes are like the leaves that grow upon the trees and dance within the forgiving summer breeze; a near perfect green in coloration that are always sparkling with life and laughter.  His size is large for a tzingani, but in no way is his bulk ever contributed to violence or force.  A tried and true gentle giant with his heart set out for love and fun solely.  He is never dirty and he's almost always happy, willing to share in his mirth whenever he can with another, no matter how grumpy that other may be at the time.  In fact, all the more reason to put a smile on their face, no?

 Truly, his bright coloration is enough to tell that this fellow is a character of charm and warm personality.  He enjoys many pastimes to whittle away a day with, from fishing, to swimming after catching a said fish, to eventually hopping upon a sailboat with his Bonded in order to dry off his fur with the sea salt tinted wind.  One doesn't need alcohol to have a good time - nor do they even need to have fun solely in the summer months either.  With this Kralis, one will have a miniature sun at their side, with much dancing, cajoling, and singing even if the weather outside be frightful and as cold as a witch's teat.  The summer will certainly come again, with time.  Time, after all, is a constant factor of life.  You know what else is an everlasting constant of life?  Women.  And boy, does this Kralis love women.  Rich or poor.  Beautiful or sullen.  He knows what they like and he's a regular Casanova among tzingani.  So, if your girl is rich, if she is nice, bring your friends along and we'll all go for an outing into town, just to spend time with one another and fill everyone's lives with laughter and joy.  After all, life is for living, isn't it?

Gorani, the Gears, Oil, and Cranks of Progress Female Svata Tzingane

Meaning: One who works with metal
Mindspeech: Bold #FFD733

In a first glance one can tell what hobbies this Svata pursues.  She has dark stains on her bod from the oil she works with on a day to day basis.  She is rarely seen without her custom made metal working goggles which rest either around her neck or upon her head.  Sporting a pair of shin-guards with bits of gemstone embedded into the gilded leather, a tool laden work belt strapped tight about her abdomen, and a collection of precious metal hoops in both ears one can bet with ease that this Svata is a girl with machines in her mind and blood. Well, maybe not, but it's plain to see that she works hard and is prepared for any sort of malfunction about town.  Her fur is the brown color of thirsty earth, with a gradient fade to cream on her neck, chest, and belly.  The brown of her fur is broken up with patches of light grey and white, mostly concentrated on the back of her neck and shoulders.  Her eyes are a vibrant coloration of yellow green, sharp and haunting as she locks gazes with those who stare at her.  Her physique is typical of the most average tzingane, but a nasty scar makes her distinguishable from the others of her species.  The right half of her face is without fur caused by a severe explosion when she was younger.  While her right eye was saved by the use of her goggles, the right side of her face is in constant need of medical care, most of which she takes care of herself.  This burn scar extends down along the side of her neck ceasing to be as harsh looking at her shoulder blade.  This girl doesn't talk bout it, nor does she tolerate much staring of her deformity.  Whatever the cause, it hasn't stopped her from pursuing her passions of metallurgy.

This Svata is indeed a tinkerer of sorts, playing with the power of steam and metal in order to advance the way of life for everyone.  Without much regards to her personal health or to the social life she turns her back upon, this Svata pursues her passions for building with ruthless abandon.  When she emerges from the smell of wet metal and heat of the power giving flames she is more than eager  to share what little trinket she has made, no matter how small the purpose of size.  If one were to interrupt her during the process of crafting they would, without a doubt, receive a severe tongue lashing be they friend, Bonded, or stranger.  She is almost paranoid of being interrupted, in fact, to the point that she was barricade herself in a workroom until she is sure the device is stable.  Keeping true to her tzingane nature, this girl is very inquisitive.  The one reason she went into the documentation and exploration of machines that make Isnit live is because they are so complex.  And yet, they require a helping hand and maintenance on a scale that no living creature would ever have to depend upon.  Beyond that initial interest, her involvement in the documentation of the steam powered devices has turned into a lifestyle for her, building and crafting and designing.  She currently has a few jobs in town building such devices and helping to design many more. 

Eve, the Different Kind of Lover Chavi Tzingane

Name: Eve
Speech: Italic #056405

Speech: Italic #056405Speech: Italic #056405

She's got a heart of gold, but is quite vulnerable to harsh words and vile temperaments. She has a bit of a temperament herself, however, but often only snaps at her Bonded, Alexander. To most she is cordial, easily excited, and just a loving type of girl. She appears to be shallow in that respect, but first glances are often the most misleading. . .

She is a cream colored Chavi, with large and bright green eyes. She is small, speedy, with emerald clips along her ears. There is a clasp made of willow bark and pine needles around the base of her tail, and many green tweed bracelets entwined about her legs. It can easily go without saying that green is her favorite color, and she would be hard pressed to be parted from her trinkets. They were all gifts from Alexander, wouldn't you know.

Cylyc, the Rake's a Tyrant Kralis Tzingane

Meaning: Loved by Women
Pronunciation: SHAH-leesh
Mindvoice:  Bold #F7398E

This Lord cannot seem to stay with one woman. If asked why, he will say its their problem. Women always change. They're fickle. They're flighty. The truth is that he is the one that cannot make up his mind. Why would he? He loves moving from one girl to the next. What makes it all worse is that he is so skilled in his seductions that he can play even the most frigid female into his hands. He does this by finding out what they want and becoming that sort of man. You want a nerd? He'll find some glasses. You want a poor soldier, he'll become that too. However, if his charms fail, he's not above abusing his title and getting some poor Chavos to kidnap his flavor of the month so he can force himself on her. Most of the time he goes for the really sweet and innocent ones. Sadly, those are the ones that have the shortest time with him. After he drags their honor through the mud, the fun is over and he's off for more perfumed and lurid adventures. The only women he would remain faithful to are the goddesses of luck and festivals. Men would find him to be a fun man's man. He would buy them a drink, help them find girls. Its just the women that he chooses to deceive. It's almost a compulsion. He can't help it.

This Kralis knows he's good looking. When he is not pretending to be some humble, sweet sap, he carries himself with a confidence you can almost taste. He is middle height for a male tzingane, but he carries himself with such pomposity it tricks others into thinking his the largest and most masculine in the bunch. His features are light, tricking many into thinking that he is some sensitive angel. Nothing could be further from the truth. His coat is golden blond, long and luxurious. It is the kind of pelt that makes strangers want to reach out and touch. His eyes are an ice blue, which have made hundreds of of girls melt. His personal accessory is a silver ring that he wears around his a toe on his front left foot. On this ring is a small silver heart, indicating that he will always have a heart wrapped around his little finger. It's a warning to you all, ladies.

Gehare, the Quillful Intoxication Male Svata Tzingane

Pronunciation: Ge'hahray
Mindvoice: Italic #AA7573
: Loved Stories

Of all the kits in his litter, he will have the most influence and longevity. He is a well loved writer of tales for children. What makes him stick out? Well, his stories are all rather ...odd. He finds his muse at the bottom of a beer barrel which can account for a lot of this. He writes of the mishaps of deformed men, of falling in love with a mechanical doll, of a girl with health so fragile she will die if she sings and etc. Often times he takes these stories from the people around them, grabbing aspects of their character and isolating them to create something really kooky. He could probably count the people that inspire him on one hand. However, those that love him, prepare to be neglected. His writing will always come first, and along with this, his drinking. He shows his affection through his art, so be happy with the immortality you may achieve.

This male looks the part of the disheveled genius. Though this male is one of the bigger kits in his litter, he is gaunt, revealing that he may neglect eating to work on his craft. His blue gray pelt sticks out on ends as if he had stuck his tail in some electrical socket. The fur on his rump is flecked with white and the underside of his tale is colored by a clashing pale gold. His eyes are mismatched, revealing the conflict in his soul between his happiness and his art. One is a pale green, earthy and soft. The other is a surprising purple which makes one think of the supernatural. Creating worlds and people, even fictions is sort of a superpower. His only adornment so far is an earring made from the copper key from a windup doll. Ask him what it was from and he will tell you, 'inspiration'. Po

Kugete, the Lifeline in the Big, Fast City Chavo Tzingane

Pronunciation: ku-GEH-tay
Mindvoice: #0B11A9
Meaning: Suited Bandit

This Chavo is one of the most no-nonsense creatures to ever walk the Weyrd. He lives to serve his Bonded, but perhaps not in the way that one would expect- rather than being subservient, he often takes control of a situation in order to "make the right choices for Mine." Anyone hailing from a large city might recognize the classic signs of a celebrity agent. The Chavo has an incredibly sharp memory and can remember almost anything he chooses to, a talent that is often utilized remembering schedules and appointments and to-do lists...for his Bonded. No one is allowed to make plans without his knowledge (so he can "make sure Mine has an opening") and he rarely leaves his Bonded's side, juuuust in case she comes close to missing an appointment. When it comes to getting things done neatly and in an organized manner, this Chavo will back down to no Tzingane- he'll be respectful to higher ranks, but he'll be firm and he'll refuse to roll onto his back for them.

At first glance, this little fox doesn't look like a fox- he looks like a raccoon. That's probably due to the fact that his colors and patterns are near identical to the masked bandits, save his four snow-white paws and the smattering of white dust on his muzzle. A small, crisp tie of sapphire blue hangs neatly around his neck and an expensive-looking silver watch clings to his left leg. The watch is his most prized possession and any foreseeable danger to it will distract him from his current task immediately.

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