Isnit Creatures

Shev, the emotionally immune jelly shafa

No speech
Meaning: Silent

Horror movie marathon? Snore. Comedy night? Yawn. Drama central? Sigh.

For a Jelly--a rank known for their hair-trigger emotions and explosions--this male is rather distant emotionally. Granted, he is a content and generally up-beat little fellow, but he just seems like he's watching the world through an impenetrable glass box. Even the most horrid of events are luck to earn several explosions from him--he is simply just too...well...we're not sure. Content in life is a good place to start though. So what's his secret to seeing all things as good and meant-to-be? Well, that we'll never know, because this Jelly has never uttered a single sound, making many believe him to be mute.

He is more a true Jelly--having a rather pond-scum coloring to him that is only highlighted with--get ready--lighter pond scum colors. His eyes, however, are very interesting. The right is a solid white, while the left is so dark blue it's almost black. His explosions--a truly rare sight--cover any close to him with a granny smith apple green.

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