Isnit Creatures

Dralwor, the Chase the Morning Wind Phoenix

Meaning: Bright Wind

The eyes of all Wind Phoenixes are veiled in an ivory mist, yet it cannot be denied that this girl’s gaze always shines with life. She believes in making the most of every day, and very few things can ever bring her down. Her body is pure white, but the tips of her flight and tail feathers hold hints of azure and pink hues, evoking a beautiful and promising dawn.

This sweet-natured soul’s ultimate desire is to spread her optimism and joie de vivre to all she meets. She will always gently nudge her Bonded into new experiences and adventures, heedless of any potential hardships. She’ll come along for the ride, though, and her cheerful song can lighten even the heaviest of loads. Despite this carefree attitude, she is steadfastly loyal and will not fly off to have her own fun if she knows she is needed.

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