Isnit Creatures

Edeemir, The Greenteeth Siren Female Whut Ooglah


This pudgy little Oogie has a pretty sinister aura. Well, as sinister as a female Whut can get, that is. There is forever a stench of river mud and rotten meat to her no matter the amount of baths. Nor can soap and water get rid of the eternal slimy texture of her skin. While she might be short and round, for a Whut rank she is relatively petite--and a bit taller than average. Now, Ooglah might be a relatively gentle species, but this one… not so much. For all her blank stares and inability to comprehend much of anything, she knows one thing. If it moves, it’s fair game as food. That rather explains the crooked and yellow-black teeth she has, decaying from horrible, horrible dental hygiene. The scent of fresh meat attracts her like a pirahna, shed blood calls like it might to any Great White, and the splashing of water is the Holy Grail of all noises. She loves herself some aquatic prey, you see. Not that she really has the brains to catch it.

For all her ferociousness, she is still a Whut--and very, very mentally challenged when it comes to anything past the simplicity of eating, sleeping, and teeth-gnashing. She sometimes even forgets she’s not supposed to poo in public places, which can be a bit of an embarrassment. Having not the brainpower to accomplish her savage predatory urges, the Whut will rely on its bonded or just have to do without. Of course, she’s very skilled at throwing fits of blind rage about when necessary to get her way, just like any good woman would know how to do. That doesn’t take too much thinking skill, just the ability to be loud and demanding. Then there’s always the ‘stare at them until they give up’ type of tactic. It works particularly well, due to her inherent skills at blank looks and her more unusual creepy, nearly-glowing yellow eyes that stick out toxically against her river-muck shaded body.

Mary, the Stuck Like Glue Murr Ooglah

SpeechBold #8c61ba

Like all Murr, this young female is all about cuddles and love time. She is, however, rather single-minded in that she only truly wants these precious cuddles from her Bonded. Sure, she will thank a feeding hand with a lick or rub, but it is her Bonded who will have a hard time shaking this tubby lovebug. She's in your lap if you're sitting, she's tangled around your feet if you're standing, and if you're running...well...she'll have to get back to you on that. Next week. When she finally catches up with out. As unshakable as she tries to be, she does provide a constant sense of being loved and needed to the one she cares for most.

A glorious pudgy mound of pastel purple and light goldenrod stripes, this Murr is a looker. When she sits down her hind legs disappear completely, while her front feet are the only appendage that stays visible. It's not much better when she's standing; in fact, right after a good meal her belly will often graze the ground she's traveling over. It should come as no surprise that her legs are short even for one of her rank--puny when compared to her girth. Her goldenrod yellow eyes are always bright and shining with love and her bubblegum pink tongue is always visible on one side of her mouth or another--ready to offer up a lick of thanks. The fur along her bottom jaw is always moist and slightly matted because of this, though we doubt anyone would want to keep a handkerchief on hand at all times to keep her from getting that way.

Karba, The Uncontrollable Spazz Male Eeeh Ooglah

Speech: Bold #CC6A1A
Meaning:  Taken from the Mandalorian term for hyperdrive

Oh my gosh, did you see that! 8D It was amazing, stupendous! Oh...but over there.... In a nutshell: if life where nothing but a series of flashing lights, this boy would be determined to see every single last light flicker at least once. He is amazingly full of life and glee, but with such a short attention span to any one thing (besides food) it's hard for him to put this unbridled joy to any good use other than appearing to be a complete and total spastic being. It is all harmless fun though--one minute you'll be admiring this, the next second you'll need to follow him over to that. At least, on the bright side, you will get to see a lot of things in the Weyrd that you might not have paid attention to before, right?

Hotrod red in color, this little puffball of fat and fluff is certainly built looking the part for the races. He has a few horizontal stripes of a strange yellow that are almost in the perfect position to be racing stripes, but otherwise he bears no unusual markings. His orange eyes are always shimmering as if he's just woken up to see a mound of cookies left on the floor just for him. This same joy keeps his whole body in motions--he is forever jiggling like a bowl of jell-o from his moment-by-moment discoveries out of sheer delight. The one thing you will never need to worry about is keeping up with him--his belly manages to just barely brush the ground when he's in a rare stationary position which slows him considerably.

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