Isnit Creatures

Winchester, the Everything in Moderation Lager Mehdayri

A mature foil to all you party animals, this Mehdayri is a slightly overbearing, very concerned paternal figure. The irony of his personality in comparison with the intoxicant he produces does not escape him, and he is stingy to the last about being ‘milked’ of the sudsy, dark beer in his udders. He believes that temperance is a virtue and that one should know their limits. Here the intelligence of his species ends, rendering him a loving but very vocal force who shies from raucous noise and disdains dancing. Bad influences now have a new watchdog with whom to contend. With a constant urge to care for and nurture his Bonded, he will forever hover over her shoulder, watching for predators, potholes, and boys who get too fresh. You might not want to mess with him if you fall into any of those categories, either; he’s physically big and strong enough to make you reconsider.

A sturdy bastion of a Mehdayri, his knobbly knees lead up to a well-muscled body and a handsome head. His pelt is a shaggy dark brown, almost black, the color of bitter dark chocolate. The white spots that dapple all members of his rank can be found on his neck and forelegs in large splotches. You can try your hardest to procure some of the tasty, homemade ale he stores, but he’ll only let you drink it if you’ve already been promised a ride home.

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