Isnit Creatures

Name List

Salimity the Mandalorian

Aigos, the Fern in the Tundra Common Male Forest Dragon

Amke, the Forgotten Fountain of Immortality Male Anta Faedragon 

Brikase, the Flower Of Youth Ore Unicorn 

Cacopa, the Dark Side of the Moon Requiem Nocturne

Ca'tra, the Revenge is Bittersweet Kralis Tzingani 

Cetai, the I'll Most Likely Kill You In the Morning East Gryphon 

Cinciri, the Music Only Plays for the Strange Agony Wyvern

Cylyc, the Rake's a Tyrant Kralis Tzingane

Dalabar, the In the Summertime Kralis Tzingane 

Dhalusika, the Weary Are Coming Home Carnation Hummgriff

Dralwor, the Chase the Morning Wind Phoenix 

Edeemir, the The Greenteeth Siren Female Whut Ooglah 

Emukai, the Eat Up, You're Skin and Bones Male Zinnia Hummgriff 

Evruyot, the Oracle of a Thousand Riddles Sanas Barghest

Eve, the Different Kind of Lover Chavi Tzingane

Frik & Frak, the Dynamic Twin Duo Valielai Male Epolos

Gehare, the Quillful Intoxication Male Svata Tzingane

Gorani, the Gears, Oil, and Cranks of Progress Female Svata Tzingane 

Haileer, the Expect the Unexpected Chavo Tzingane 

Hush, the Dreams of a Child Aurata Panthera 

Ijat, the One Hell of a Sanglyst Vargul

Iviin, the Speeding Bullet Kralis Tzingani

Jehala, the Show Must Go On Leo Panthera

Karba, the Uncontrollable Spazz Male Eeeh Ooglah 

Kasedi, the Reflections of a False Firefly Valdrim Vargul 

Kugete, the Lifeline in the Big, Fast City Chavo Tzingane 

Laar, the Way to Mandalay Female Pumal Panthera

Mary, the Stuck Like Glue Murr Ooglah

Mir'taylir, the Almost too Bright to See Sonata Nocturne 

Meshal, the Answer to Infection Lord Water Dragon 

Mu'jahi, the Lady Knight in Lion's Colors Dahomey Warclaw

Ne'tra, the Bell Only Tolls for the Dying Female Ruin Wyvern

Nuhordii, the King of Slapstick Male Valielai Epolos 

Ordin, the Back from the Gallows Terror Wyvern

Pargur, the Peace or Annihilation Terror Wyvern

Razzle-Dazzle, the Everything That Really Counts Female Anta Faedragon 

Rital'ur, the Not-So-Innocent Mistletoe Abuser Male Wisp Cheshire

Sa'ya, the Dances in Fields of Wheat Dahomey Warclaw 

Shev, the Emotionally Immune Jelly Shafa

Tenera, the Soothing Whisper Within the Dire Tempest Ivory Unicorn

Vadimai, the If Socrates Had Wings West Gryphon

Veliai, the Mask to Hide Behind West Gryphon

Vercopa, the Midnight Shenanigans Reveille Nocturne

Vire, the Poisonous Princess Chavi Tzingane

Winchester, the Everything in Moderation Lager Mehdayri

Yutokai, the Life is a Joke; I'll Enjoy it While I Can West Gryphon




NPC Keith, the You've Messed with the Wrong Ruin Wyvern

NPC Rilnai, the Overtly Polite South Gryphon

NPC Med, the Do You Know Your Enemy @$%&! Ooglah 

NPC Molly, the I Don't Need Another Day Sintar Faedragon 

NPC Shebii'tra, the Free Floating Third Wheel Male Pumal Panthera

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