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Cetai, the I'll Most Likely Kill You in The Morning Revenge East Gryphon

Speech: #660099

Cheerful, sarcastic and just a bit sadistic, Cetai is quite an independent spirit.  This East girl seems sweet and charming on the surface until you finally understand her cleverly veiled threats (or not so veiled depending on her mood).  She is quite certain she is smarter than just about anyone and won’t hesitate to let you know it.  Her favorite pastime is inventing creative and complicated insults.  Her bonded had better have a thick skin to survive her tongue lashings.  If they can not only survive, but go toe to toe with her in a battle of wits and insults, they will earn not only her respect but also a certain amount of affection.

Her body is marked all over with swirling patterns of white and several shades of varying blue.  Her beak and fore-legs are inky black and her claws gleam of a faint silver. Her wingtips share a hint of this silver coloring while the rest of them are the brilliant white that makes up the rest of her fur.  The feline portion of her is a simple leonine shape, with a leo's tail and a black tuft of fur at the very tip.  Her eyes, which constantly gleam with mischief, are a startlingly bright purple hue.  She’s quite large for an East and full of fire.


Yutokai, the Life is a Joke; I'll Enjoy it While I can West Gryphon

Speech: Italic #BBECF6 

This gryphon lives to do as he pleases without too much fear in regards to the consequences.  He is not terribly intelligent unlike his brethren, but can be witty when aggravated and pushed far enough.  Just because he is free willed does not mean that he won't still try to please others.  On the contrary he seems more content helping an old lady across a street than basking in the sun all day.  What this West really wants to do is be loved from as many people as he can, and the way into their hearts is to be polite and be selfless at almost all times.  The only times when this male might be selfish is when he is in pursuit of something he desires.  He will not relent to others' needs or concerns, and instead will be ruthless in his pursuit of his goals.  Beyond that he is quick to laugh, at ease with doling out compliments, and sure to be the loudest squawker at any party.

His plumage is a cool shade of royal blue, with his back feline portion a lighter shade of this hue broken with rings of pale gray on his haunches and down his right hind-leg.  His appearance is not slovenly, nor is it primped and well kept.  His general demeanor is relaxed, enjoying life and loathing stress.  His eyes are a sharply contrasting yellow to the blue and white of his body, and are always bright with laughter.  One will rarely see this male relaxing and wasting his time with rest. 

Vadimai, the If Socrates had wings West Gryphon

Speech: Bold #33033

 Don’t let the sullen appearance fool you; this kit is full of mischief. Vadimai seeks to fulfill the role of the ancient sphinxes and woo all with his brimming intellect. With a keen interest in philosophy, this kit has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that drives most Isnitians he comes into contact with crazy. Curious to a fault, he asks probing questions and scrutinizes their logic with greater fervor than a Vulcan. Critical and analytical, Vadimai has a special knack for making someone else look incredibly stupid by pointing out every flaw in their rationale. Stubborn and unyielding, he becomes a bit of a terror when he isn’t satisfied with an outcome. He imposes himself on others with his intelligence, asserting that he is a genius who has all the answers and it would do you well to grace yourself with his presence.

Sometimes surly and never especially sweet, Vadimai has his moments where he’ll be genuinely pleasant, and they’re usually only when he likes what he hears. He will never listen to a command unless you can provide some form of backup argument, and despises the phrases “because I said so” and “I told you so”. His ego plays a big role in much that he does, and the quiet scholar that seeks praise for his work leans to a temperamental edge when his efforts are undermined. Always a tutor and never to be taught, Vadimai seeks to take you under his wing and teach you how to win when fighting doesn’t work. Mind you, his methods often lead to fighting in the end when he inadvertently (or so he says) pushes someone’s buttons. In truth, he wants to sharpen what he perceives as the blunt edges of your brain and make you smarter. He has a soft spot for you, but he buries it deep within the crevices of his heart. Knowledge is power and love makes you stupid.

All the time he spends cooped up in libraries dulled his colours in their variance. Vadimai is dark amethyst purple almost in his entirety, a few lighter portions around his eyes leaning towards a soft pink that might shine brighter and more pronounced if he got out more. His legs have a copious amount of black rings to them, standing out from the purple and thin white rings that rim them. His build is slender but his proud posture puffs him up to his fullest height, back arched impeccably and his pelt meticulously neat and tidy.

Veliai, the Mask to hide behind West gryphon

 SpeechBold #FFA500

Wests are eager to please, and this boy is no exception… if only he were certain how exactly to go about it. Veliai has lots of ideas, and most of them pretty good ones, but he’s lacking the confidence to follow through on them. Most of the time, he ends up in the background, overshadowed by bolder and more energetic creatures that attract attention and admiration, while he’s relegated to the sidelines. He longs to earn his fifteen minutes of fame, but with every failure or miscommunication, he’s certain that he sinks further away from the limelight. That probably isn’t the case, but it’s not helping his self-assurance any.

The West has a good heart, and a good head on his shoulders. When push comes to shove, he’ll break away from the pack if he feels they’re going in the wrong direction… but what he’ll do without a leader is anyone’s guess. Velai will never try and force his opinions on anyone else, even if he feels they’re right. By the same token, anyone trying to force him down a path he doesn’t want to follow will likely win in the end, but is it worth taking chunks of out of already-wavering confidence to do it? He’s still young, and is going to need some help growing into a well-mannered adult.

Veliai is really quite a handsome fellow. His front half is that of a caracara, with a thick straight beak that lacks the usual predatory curve, mostly coloured in deep oranges and chocolate browns. There are black striations throughout, which match his rather impressive tiger hindquarters. Both wings feature thick white bands across the flight feathers, and his legs are similarly streaked; he’s not a flamboyant West, but he’s certainly attractive. If someone can rub the edges off his brusque demeanour, and shine up a mirror, he might start feeling better about himself. Someday, he might even work up enough confidence to join a chase or two!

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