Isnit Creatures

Nuhordii, The King of Slapstick Male Valielai Epolos

Meaning: Funny Fool
Speech: #DBF8CD

In a perpetual state of comedic performance, this young male is just short of having a toddlers mindset. Everything is planned for the best possible outcome--in his mind there is no ill that can be done when in search of laughter. This does well to explain his draw to physical comedy--nothing can hurt you if it's all in good fun. A tuna upside the head, a good pie in the face or stepping on a hidden rake--all of these are golden standards he dreams of modeling his 'talent' after. This (in his own mind) makes him quite the crowd pleaser. Who doesn't like to point and laugh at the expense of another? He is, of course, very immature at heart and when things do go astray from his plans he is left to feel lost and alone without support.

A delightful and bubbly shade of wine-red, this young male has much to flaunt and be proud of. He is marked only in a handful of dappled spots around his paws and flanks--light cream in color and seeming nearly smudged into his coat; as if someone had thought them to be stains and tried to rub them out. He is quite stout for his rank--legs both feline and equine built to take punishment . His face is long and elegant yet simple like that of a white-tailed deer. His horn is minuscule at best--possibly the best way to be considering his daily activities--and a light bone-white. Big, sea-foam green eyes look to his 'audience' hopefully, always with a spark of mischief and the promise of misguided antics.

Frik, the Eternal Heart of a Trickster & Frak, the Never Dying Spirit of Good Fun Male Valiela Epolos

Speech:Bold #C3955B

By all purposes and technicalities, these two are twins.  They were born from the same Ksanare mother during the same birthing, look the exact same, have mirror personalities, and even do that weird twin thing of knowing how the other is feeling or having that wondrous ability to say the exact same thing at the same time without rehearsal.  Their pelt is a plain unmarked wine red and their rather gangly looking with thin limbs and long neck.  It goes without saying that they are impossible to discern from the other, then.  Even their mindspeech feels the same to creatures and their Bonded.  They play to this and employ is into many of their stunts, tricks, and jokes.  It doesn't help that they've named themselves due to a frustrated outburst Sal had when she had first run into them and their antics.  They go through life being happy and free spirits, not quite malicious though not exactly not hurting people along the way, if you get the drift.  They'll trick a person into eating a mud pie for giggles, or giving a thirsty person salt water.  Really, it's no wonder those that know them will be wary around them, expecting and just waiting for them to be the punchline of some fantastic new ploy.  The twins will then make anyone feel guilty for not trusting them, only to stab them in the back with a good water flower gag or such.  Calling wolf would work, if only they weren't so damned independent, self-sufficient, loyal, and so damned funny at times.

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