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Evruyot, The Oracle of a Thousand Riddles Sanas Barghest

Speech: #660088
Meaning: From the English name of Evan and the Mandalorian term for the past, history

This Sanas has somehow managed to stay a bit more sane than the other males of his rank; perhaps this is because he doesn’t try to pry into the future too often. No, this male has managed to keep most of his mind sound by sticking to the past and present, which he analyzes in order to make judgements on people (it’s a better option than constantly looking into everyone’s future). As a result this Barghest has become rather good at reading people based on what they’ve done in the past, and his conclusions are often as accurate as they would be had he actually done a little fortune-telling.

On occasion, though, the Sanas will find himself unable to resist looking into someone’s future, especially if that someone is interesting. What he sees there he immediately turns into a cryptic prophecy for others to figure out, and he’s grown fond of testing people by mixing plain old riddles in with his prophecies to see if anyone catches on.

This small, two-and-a-half foot male is chiefly white, his medium-length coat as pure as freshly-fallen snow. A dark gray streak colors his nose and ends in a flamed tip on his forehead while equally dark-veined lines cover his tail, rump, and legs. His toes are black, as if he dipped them in paint, and his deep eyes are bright purple.


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