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Athletic Undertones Egg -- Capricious Forest Dragon

It's difficult to describe an egg as being athletic, but it is lean and svelte, with a polished exterior that glows with health. Literally. It's got a faint white glow surrounding it, with a hint of rosy cheeks on the sides of it's surface. Golden hues assume the largest portion of coloration, giving way to silver around the middle, and finally a handsome ring of bronze. It moves every so often, usually when you stop looking at it and gawk at another. One can't be sure just yet, but it would be a safe guess that the Dragonet lurking has a competitive streak.

Aigos, the Fern of the Tundra Common Male Forest Dragon

Name: Aigos, the Fern in the Taiga Common Forest Dragon
Pronounced: eye-gohs Taken from the words taiga and ghost.
Formerly: The Capricious Forest Dragon
Height: 25.3 ft
Length: 41.9 ft

Mindvoice: Bold #11A97C
When he wants your attention, he’s going to get it with a voice that is both commanding and deep. Though this is not how he speaks all of the time. Think of how terrifying one would be if all they did was shout all the time Normal conversational tone are softer, but just as commandeering and filled with the same amount of cool confidence. The timbre of his voice is ever changing with his moods, able to defrost and become warm at times, though it always holds a hint of coolness and blunt chill.

Appearance: Aigos is built for competition, since the need arises to fight for what you want. He is on the shorter side, though long enough for a Forest Dragon. His legs are also more stout than that of his Forest kin, and certain parts of his body are thickly compact like armor. His head is long and thin with dark plating on his forehead and down his snout. Then, along his cheeks, are short spikes the color of deep green, like evergreen pine needles. The plating continues onto his shoulders, forearms, thighs, and spine raising it an inch or so out against his body. These also are discolored apart from his base color, a darker, more rich blue green.

His scales are a lighter teal green color, with spatterings and specks of white frosted all along his body apart from his belly. Like the fern in a Taiga forest, he sticks out a little and does not belong, choosing to hang around in the mountainous coniferous forests instead of the deciduous tendencies of his brethren. With large horns that curl back into his neck and the color of pure snow, he is an imposing force to mess with. His appearance, coupled with the confidence in his voice, few would want to anger such a dragon. His eyes are a variance against the white, blue, and green coloration and seem to be made of pure amber, always aglow with ideas and on the lookout for anything that sticks out and takes to his fancy.

Personality: Aigos doesn’t know what he wants, which is all fine and well since no one else can quite predict what he wants either. He is the friend you never know what to get for Christmas, but they always end up loving what you get them as long as its in some ball park range of their interests. This Forest won’t be waiting on you to get something for him, however, and will instead go out and get it himself. If he wants it, he’s getting it. If it’s his, he’s fighting to keep it that way. If you’re offering, he’s willing to take it if you’re willing to let him have it. For his Bonded, he competes to protect her and for her attention above any other shiny she may have.

This Forest is a fond lover of meat, as well, not caring in what form it comes in as long as its meat. No vegetables or fruits for him to eat. Nope. Though what he eats varies with his moods, which are unpredictable and seem to follow fancy or whim. He could be warm and merry, sweltering and hot in one minute, but then chilling and deathly cold the next. What it boils down to is that Aigos does what he wants, when he wants to do it. There is no rhyme or reason; it just is. Though while he’s off doing his own thing he would much rather be unnoticed while doing it, unless, of course, being noticed is what he intends. Then, by all means, pay close attention to him.

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